My neighbor owns your company


I sell live theater tickets and this was a call I took today:

Me: Thank you for calling ______. My name is u/jtrisn1. May I have your name please?

Caller: Yeah, I hope you can help me. I need to buy tickets for (show’s name) on the 22nd.

Me: the 22nd of which month?

Caller: the 22nd

Me: Of January or February?

Caller: January, Jaunary, no no, January

Me: ok, January is pretty much sold our. The only week I have tickets for sale is going to be the end of February.

Caller: What about the beginning of February?

Me: I do not have tickets at the beginning of February.

Caller: Well, just get me 4 tickets for any date in January then. I just need 4.

Me: Again, the show is sold out in January.

Caller: Then give me your house seats! (House seats are internal use seats) I’m fine with those.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. I do not have access to house seats.

Caller: Listen, do you know… gosh what’s her name? She lives in my building. The lady who owns your company.

Me: I don’t understand the question. (We aee non-profit so no one owns us)

Caller: The woman who owns you. She has tickets right? Call her and tell her I need 4 tickets.

Me: Ma’am, I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Caller: You work there don’t you!? Your boss. The lady who owns your company! Melanie Tap! (Fake name)

Me: Melanie is on the board but I do not know her or havw a way to contact her.

Caller: well, when does she work? Is she here? Can’t you ask her to get me 4 tickets?

Me: I cannot divulge information regarding a board member or employee.

Caller: She’s not an employee! She owns you! You work there don’t you? Can’t you just figure it out? Her schedule? When she comes in? She has to come in right? And you work there!

Me: Again, I do not know Melanie and I cannot divulge information on our employees or board members.

Caller: (screams in the phone for 10 seconds and then silence) Fine! Just get me 4 tickets on January 22nd.

Me: we are sold out in January. The only days I have tickets is the last week of Feburary.

Caller: Who the fuck is buying all the tickets? Tell me! Is it real people or is it corporations!? Huh? Who is it!?

Me: Ma’am, this show has been on sale for 4 months…

Caller: Oh go fuck yourself! I heard about the cut backs you guys are doing! I hope you get fired, you fucking cunt!

*Hangs up* 🫠


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