Karen calls looking for a fight, and I don’t give her one


There was a time when if you called the number on the back of your major brand credit card, I might have answered the phone.

I answered a random call on one random day, and I could hear the fight in this woman’s voice, as I did the two step verification procedure. I could hear her arranging all her papers on her desk or kitchen table or whatever, and just knew she was about to give me hell about something. She had the same tone my own mother gets when she’s about to give a CSR hell over the phone.

A quick check, and I see her check payment arrived a few days late, and gave her both a Late Payment fee ($35) and that put her over the limit on her card, generating an Over Limit fee (another $35).

I knew right away that this is where she was about to go, and I really wasn’t in the mood to fight.

First thing after she finished verification, I didn’t even give her a chance to say anything, and went straight into ‘Since you’ve been such a good and loyal customer for us, I’m going to waive an Over Limit Fee and Late Payment fee that were generated because the mail was slow and your last payment arrived a few days late. You may want to consider paying online, or over the phone in the future, since you never know how long the mail will take these days….so, what can I do for you today?’

She just deflated right there. I took all the wind out of her sails. She seemed to be more interested in fighting with me or some other CSR than the $70 fees that were not affecting me one way or another.

‘buh—but why would you do that?’

‘Because I’m a nice guy, ma’am?’

(stunned silence)

‘Anything else I can do for you, ma’am?’




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