I pay your bills it’s my right to know your last name


I apologize for any formatting errors, I am on a cell phone.

So I just had a customer call in, understandably upset because they had sent us a check on 7/1/23 but we never received it, they called us 7/18 to make an over the phone payment, while also calling the bank to void the check payment. Well. We received the check payment that same day.

Our payment center tried to process the check, but because it was cancelled it was rejected in our system.

The customer was unhappy that we tried to cash the voided check. I tried to explain that I system with cash the check anyway it doesn’t know that it’s avoid it and then unfortunately there’s nothing that customer service can do it but they can send a letter to our research department and they should be able to resolve the issue.

The minute I told him this he started laughing, and stated he’s going to contact the Better Business Bureau because this is not a way to handle our customers , he stated that he wanted my full name and how to spell it. I gave him my first name, and he asked me for my last, so I told him no I am not telling you my last name.

He then left again, and said look, my business pays your salary without me you wouldn’t have a home over your head food to eat or a good paying job. You are being paid to give me your last name as such I expect it from you. I again just told him no.

And he told me he wanted to speak to a manager about my rudeness about the way that the company works and he wants to record it for the Better Business Bureau .

What a fuckin day


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