I have no idea why you’re calling in and apparently neither do you?


Just happened five minutes ago. I get an ethnic customer whose first language isn’t English so we are already starting off at a language barrier disadvantage..

The call went something like this:

Customer: I have a letter saying I need to call you before I make a payment?

Me: ok well I see—-

C: *cuts me off for the first time* The letter told me to call

Me: ok? What else does the letter say?

C: *starts to talk over me* to call you before making a payment. It also says *gibberish letters*

Me: I’m sorry what?


Me: no I didn’t understand you? What did you say?

C: yes

Me: no I am asking you, what did you say, what are you asking me.

C: *cuts me off again* oh I said the letter states *more gibberish I’ve never heard of before*

Me: I don’t think thats relevant to the account. To send a payment you need the check number, check amount, to sign in, and the date.

C: ok so you don’t know.

Me: *sighs* how can I assist you.

C: the paper said to call you.

Me: what paper.

C: the paper…

Me: okay. So you called us, what do you want us to do?

C: it just says call you.

Me: okay. So do you want me to verify anything for you?

C: *cuts me off* yes.

Me: *still speaking to him* or do you want me to notate the account saying you called in?

C: *cuts me off again* yes

Me: which one what can I do to help you?

C: yes.

Me: *sighing*. Ok. I will notate the account that you called to alert us to make a payment.

C: * silence*

Me: ok well I’ll notate the account anything else you need me to do?

C: we’ll the letter…

Me: I notated the account, if there’s nothing else I can do. Thanks for calling in.


What do you think?

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