I got lucky and had a customer come to me again after a complaint


I work in fraud and deal with a lot of romance scams.

I spoke to a man 4 months ago and it was a pretty clear romance scam. The woman had two birthdays this year based on the references, he said he was paying her family in America this time but it wasn’t a payment going to America and the name of an apparent Algerian man was from what I would expect. Obviously blocked, wouldn’t believe me, sent to branch.

I got him again, after somebody believed him when he went into a branch that it was all fine and its not a scam.

I speak to them about how they met, what they work as, are they seeing each other soon. Then once I get all the nonsense answers from the guy you pop the question – have you ever actually met?

He went off on me and was saying I was over the top, why is it my business, his money and my favourite of every caller – I’m not being scammed. No one has ever been scammed knowing they were being scammed. He also asked me is not an adult and able to look after his money. I don’t speak to anybody but people over the age 18, primarily because they lose their money.

Anyway, I sent him to a branch and just locked it all down. No reason for him to lose his money, even if he is angry I still don’t want him to be completely ruined.

I come back from my lunch and lo and behold he is in branch. The police have been round and finally he sees the light. The branch staff phone me and I take it from the top, get him to not worry and just reset. Then I check what’s happened since last I spoke to him and he raised a complaint, about me, and they gave him money for the hassle.

I can’t really hold it against him, he is nearly 80k in the hole from this but jfc maybe hold off until he actually believes me before logging that he’s an idiot.

Do this 3-4 times over and you will understand a day at my work. Dealing with people who are desperate for you to not help them.


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