I found the unicorn!


Had a call years ago where a guy called in fuming mad but never crossed the line and yelled at me. More was yelling around me. Unfortunately we didn’t get very far because by the time he was out of gas he had to go. I can’t remember the last name but it was something pretty uncommon. End of my shift that same day I have another CSR asking me to take a call from her. She advises that this person only wants to speak to me and the person won’t tell her what it’s about. I look over the account and I haven’t been in it today but it’s got an uncommon last name that kind of rings a bell. I figure this’ll be weird and have them send it over. Wife immediately passes the phone and the guy from that morning apologizes for his behavior! Just had a rough time and took it out on me and felt really bad about it. I was blown away and it was either his wife correcting that behavior or he was genuinely sorry but didn’t know how to get back in touch with random guy at the call center. I thanked him for it cause it meant a lot to have that interaction and have someone recognize I’m a person trying my best.


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It’s not the compliment you think it is.

Hung up mid-call for the first time, will be leaving the call center finally in a week and a half.