Geriatric Caller


Let me preface by saying that the geriatric community is so underserved. I work for a mobile carrier tech support and she was canceling her phone line because her cable, Internet, VOIP and cell phone all seemingly went down at the same time and she was so irate. She was 90 years old and barely let me get any words in-she had called in earlier in the week to cancel her service on the 24th and it was the 21st and she had no service because the agent had canceled immediately. She had an iPhone SE second generation and an eSIM installed, of course that wasn’t working and her iPhone wasn’t on the network and I tried to put it back on the network but she’s over here screaming at me that she can’t be without a phone and I’m trying to explain to her that her cable, Internet, and VOIP had nothing to do with her cell phone not working because it’s a completely different technology. She’s 90 and needed to be able to reach out in case she has a heart issue and I’m like lady. If your phone is still saying SOS the FCC demands that anybody can call 911 and they have to respond. So I walked her through how to set up her eSIM and deleted her eSIM on the network trying to reactivate it, but ended up having to send her to physical store. But she wasn’t understanding half of what I was trying to explain to her and my chest hurt so bad, because she was literally beside herself and she wasn’t understanding anything I was trying to explain. What was more fun is every time I started talking she kept interrupting me and then screaming at me “Why are you screaming at me” and I’m like because you won’t let me help you. I ended up having to send her to the local store since her eSIM refused to reinstall. BUT I FELT SO FUCKING HELPLESS and reasoning was not at all her strong suit. I just had to get that off my chest. It was an hour long phone call and I’m still getting palpitations because it was so fucking awful.


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