Deja vu? Oh wait you called me 3 freaking times.


Good morning. Today I had the lovely task of working bright and (still dark) for my call center job. I wouldn’t have been so cranky or pissed off about it if it wasn’t for this one particularly annoying Indian customer I had gotten 2 days prior. Today he called in 3 consecutive times and got me each time. The third call went something like this.

Me: good morning thank you for calling hell my name is idiot for working here. Please verify your name.

C: hello I am idiot who just called you twice already. How is your summer vacation?

Me: it looks like we have spoken before and as I have said before I do not get a summer vacation, if I did I wouldn’t be working. How can I help you now?

C: asks me the same 3 questions he’s asked on the last call.

Me: sir we have went over these questions the last two times you called, I advise this time you take thorough notes as I will not answer them again if you decide to call back.

C: keeps asking the same questions

Me: ok sir, I have explained this to you 20 times over the last 3 phone calls in the last 20 minutes. You need to fax this document to this number and this document to this number. Now since I know you have no other questions thank you for calling in and have a good rest of your day.

I tried to hard to be patient with him. But holy shit this guy was pissing me the fuck off


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