The more this merger goes on, the more it’s clear that the “Big Guys” at the top don’t care about customers.


It’s been a gong show. Two huge companies in my country are merging, one of which I worked for, and it’s very clear that nobody thought this through. I’ll be the first to say that I’m getting off easy right now, we aren’t the ones dealing with thousands of people migrating over. I feel for the other company’s employees. All this was, was another way to monopolize an already fucked up industry, and our customers and workers are the ones suffering. I haven’t heard anything good from the other company’s side, and it’s nothing but complaints from customers. I’m angry that our government allowed this to happen, and I’m angry at the CEOs who clearly don’t care at all what their workers or customers are going to deal with or go through. Anything to make a buck.


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