Remembering my days as A Call Center Agent: Theyr got mad at me for leaving early O_O


Hey Guys! So I been seeing everyone post their experiences with call centers, and I thought I would post mine. Here goes my exciting moment when I was there.

I use to work for a call center doing healthcare & cobra insurance. Now I was there for over 3+ Years, and they had finally made me become an CSR Tier 2 (took forever), but I finally made it to Tier 2. Now, I was one of the agents who always met their metrics, and always accomplished and got nothing but positive surveys. So, one week I was having a rough week due to my mother was in/out the hospital and a lot of things was going on with her that REQUIRED my attention. So, being the good person I was I had let the call center know that I was going to have to leave a tad bit early due to my mother. Guess what these folks told me and acted? They literally got mad at me and told me “You can’t leave, you will have a point (3.5 exactly), and that I would get an verbal warning. I told them “Look, my mother is way more important than you guys and your issues with this role, My mother comes first, and if you guys can’t respect that or acknowledge that, I will be leaving and giving your company an horrible and nasty review. You don’t tell me what I can and can’t do outside my life revolving FAMILY”. And I left out there mad and told them dont call me or text me for shit. They was mad but they couldn’t afford to lose me. Soon, after everything had calmed down with mom, a lot of people started leaving the call center because of them not letting people leave for emergencies. After a week of them treating majority of us like crap, I left. I did not put a notice or nothing just left without notice and when they asked me what was my reason I told them “None of your damn business good luck finding people to work for you.”. They beg me to come back for weeks offering more pay flexible schedule and that I could leave if I had emergencies or any issues. Like no thank you.


Like I get jobs needs the employees but also the employees should not be over worked and can’t leave if emergencies happen. Nobody, should get pointed for that because that something that happens. It was like they did not care for the people that worked there, but the higher ups was always taking vacation time, PTO, leaving early etc. IT was fine for them to do it, but they would complain and get mad if we even attempted to try to do it. Like make it make sense. Ever since then, they been the worst call center to work from.


Despite the bullcrap issues I had with them, It also opened my foot into the door of an amazing job I have now that I love and build a career with and they treat us like we are royalty! So that was the good thing. Overall, call centers stresses you out to the point you have headaches every day from your shift or make you want to drink after your shift just because. It was like walking into the door of the building made me sick. Like I suppose to enjoy it not despite it.


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