My previous department got closed down due to pitiful metrics


This is kind of a part 2 tale to my last post in the subreddit. Long story short, I wrote a rant about the cable company’s inability to punish and rectify the actions of agents who purposely mislead customers to make an illegal sale, or gave false hope on situations that would never get resolved. I used to be part of the escalations department. We fixed the mess that the workers constantly repeated, and it was nearly impossible to report them to their bosses for feedback or administrative actions. So that was fun for a while.

Out of the blue, I got an unexpected meeting with my boss’s superior and someone from HR. They were ‘promoting’ me to another department, where the call volume is much calmer and could get a higher bonus for sales. About a month later after I moved to the new line of business, we finally got the news that the cable & internet department officially got closed in our call center, because the CEO and higher-ups were not happy that the agents were doing so badly with the calls and not keeping up with the demands.

The whole promotion thing wasn’t true, and I got spared by getting put in a different area. The majority of agents who still were in that department, including many staff members, were laid off. I believe that the cable provider could’ve prevented this from happening, if it had cared enough to have a competent QA team in our building, allow supervisors to provide a real follow-up to the agents who messed up in the first place, and not wash its hands just because the customer signed a ‘contract’, when it was clear that there was a false, verbally-given expectation.

If those dishonest workers took real accountability, none of this would’ve been blown out of proportion. It’s bittersweet. In one part, I’m glad we don’t have to worry about the back-to-back anymore with bad scenarios, but even this low blow won’t make the Big C consider on giving better tools for its customer service team, and a lot of folks who actually did things right were fired.


What do you think?

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