Does this job make you suicidal too?


Today at work I had a particularly horrible customer call in. From the beginning he was pissy that I had to verify his address, his name, his phone number and he was yelling at me and being snarky. So I kept telling him to stop yelling at me, I am trying to help you and do my job at the same time. I get through the verification process and we go to make his payment. (The reason he’s calling me) he’s still screaming that I have to verify his bank account and I ask him “is your name on the bank account you’re using?” (I have to ask this..) and he goes of course it fucking is, are you dumb? And I said I just have to verify. And what bank account are you using? And he goes I’m not I’m using a debit card. So I have to tell him we don’t accept debit cards and he goes why the fuck not. And I said we just dont accept them. And he responds to me I heard you the first time. Damn. So he proceeds to give me a number I don’t have in my system. I tell him I don’t have it and I need it, and he throws both numbers off at me super quick expecting me to take them down. I reply can you please slow down, I don’t know which number you gave me first and I can’t type that would would you repeat it. And he goes I would have given you the account number first YOU DUMB FUCKING CUNT. So I reply quickly and almost in tears “ok I have to disconnect this call now.” And he goes OK YOU DUMB FUCKING BITCH. And he disconnects first.. I sat there shaking and in tears. Worried this will be my life forever… and that if I don’t kill myself first I will die with this job anyway in 20 years from stress..

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