Did I burn out too fast?


Did I burn out too fast?

I recently left my tech support call center job after about 10 months. I didn’t make it the full year as planned and even thought I’d make it at least another year or two before thinking about leaving.

Well about 6 months in, I started to feel a major burnout and it got progressively worse that I would call off work and maximize my callout points. I felt sick to my stomach trying to sleep at night feeling massive anxiety. Not sure why but it just got worse and eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore and put in my resignation a week ago.

I read the same scripts so many times and I can’t troubleshoot issues outside of the script. Most of the work is easy but boring and unfulfilling. Also get the rude obnoxious customers. My goal is to get a job in IT something network or administration related. This call enter job felt like a dead end and didn’t utilize any of my knowledge with computers. Is that what most call center jobs are? Did I burn out too fast for only lasting 10 months? Do most call centers make you use scripts? I feel like I became dumber because I never could use my own brain to solve Problems! I had to use scripts and anything unapproved got me in trouble. Is most tech support like this?


What do you think?

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