The tale of how helping a coworker may have just lost me $150


Well, it’s not directly their fault at all (and honestly, it makes for a good clickbait title). Now that I have your attention, listen, I’m just in need of venting lol

So, onto the story:

Normally, I have Tuesdays off. Not ideal, of course; but I can work with it. Yesterday, I received a message because a coworker needed a swap urgently and they were offering an off Friday in exchange for an off Tuesday. I accepted because I wanted to be nice and also because Friday and Saturday off sounds rad lol

Big mistake.

The calls today may have cost me two entire bonuses.

Literally the second call of the day was because someone received a bill worth $800 for their phone plan. Of course, this is a big shock to anyone in the history of ever, so I checked their bills and the notes on the account. The previous idiot agent didn’t process something correctly and the customer was charged **the entire cost of her device**. I tried to weasle my way out of waiving it but my help desk told me to take responsibility and just waive it (otherwise, she’d pay for the entire phone while also being billed monthly for it lol)

That call on it’s own **destroyed** one of my metrics, and yes, it will affect me and only me. Because someone fucked up, I have to take the consequences. Goddamn it.

Not only that, but every single damn call today was a bill dispute so I’m sure to get bad reviews on my surveys. On the VERY LAST DAY THAT COUNTS TOWARDS THIS MONTH

ONE MORE BAD REVIEW LOSES ME MY BONUS UNLESS I GET ANOTHER GOOD REVIEW OUT OF THING AIR (This month has been particularly slow, so much so that receiving **one** more poor survey makes me go below target. I’ve had 3 bad surveys the whole month lol).

And yes, surveys that are complaints about company policy count towards MY METRICS lol

Damn it.

Anyone else ever regretted swapping shifts with someone? It just feels like I shouldn’t have swapped at all and I’d be better off right now.


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