i’m really good at my job, but i feel bad when i go home


in outbound cold calls. i have the best metrics in my group. even people who seem irritated when they first pick up often warm up and joke around with me by the end of the call. i sound very young and “innocent” and i really, genuinely love people and love talking to people. i’m never pushy, just open and friendly. it works out for me. to me, the person comes before the lead, and even though it hurts my call rate, i’ll chat people up and tell little jokes and laugh with them and tell them a little about myself. if they coldly say they’re not interested, i warmly assure them i understand and i hope they have a lovely day. if they’re busy, i crack a joke about my own workload and apologise for the interruption. usually they soften and tell me to have a nice day, or even ask me to call back another time.

it’s not an act. it’s genuine. i love people. i love little moments of connection with strangers. and i think that’s why i succeed. i don’t sound like a telemarketer, i sound like i’m genuinely just really happy to talk.

but i feel bad when i get home at the end of the day. the better i perform, the sadder i am when i go home. i think it’s because even though i genuinely love talking to new people, i can never be fully genuine because i have to also do my job. i want to be able to just talk to the people i call without having to worry about my metrics. i talk to a surprising amount of really nice people for someone in my profession, and it makes me sad to reduce them to numbers and percentages.


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I quit

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