I just hate the fake empathy we use with the customers and how we keep apologizing for nothing.


So i started this job 2 months ago, and GOD, i just wanna slap every coworker who keeps telling me to lie to them, lie to the customers and always tell them you are sorry even if you are not.
I do feel empathy for some, but for others, I just wanna solve their issues, and finish the call.
A customer would want someone to listen to them then solving their issue. BUT they want me to say SORRY FOR THIS FUCKING INCONVENIENCE even if the customer is mistaken. The word SORRY has no longer a meaning to me. I JUST HATE THIS JOB FOR TURNING ME soon to be deaf. I just hate following the guideline while the customer is waiting for my help. I JUST HATE BEING MARKED BY THE STUPID QUALITY DEPARTMENT.
I’m very sorry for the customers that are using this company mostly elders because I always receive calls from them, and it aches my heart seeing them getting scammed or whatever..
And AMERICANS, please stop being rude to us, we are also humans and we receive alot of calls everyday, and English ain’t our mother language.


What do you think?

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