I don’t know how to tell customers that my company sucks and there is no way to fix some issues.


I am a technical 1 support agent from a company that provides communication services such as phone numbers, set up IVRs, make configuration for call forwarding etc.

The thing is that this company has a lot of issues and is really bad, I don’t know how to tell the customers that I am unable to do anything to help.

For example, the app has an issue where it would crash and not work, when I ask an SME (agent support) they tell me that he has to try with a different device and that there are no issues and everything should be working fine.

So, I have to do a troubleshooting for a problem that we all know is from the company itself, and tell the customer to try on a different device that of course they will not have.

It always ends on the customer being angry and I dealing with it, and I don’t know what to do about it.


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