Customer Question: Is it helpful or creepy to go the extra mile to thank you?


I’m always nice to call center reps because you guys have a really difficult job. Even when I’m mad about something I let the rep know up front I’m frustrated and ask if they can help me. I’m also patient because I know you guys have to stick to the script even when it’s ridiculous to. And I always thank them for helping me at the end of the call or chat, because I know it makes people’s day to treat them with kindness and dignity. And I’m always sincere about it too.

Please don’t laugh, but I just found out about the QA and metrics each rep has to meet every month and how it effects your paycheck. I think it’s horrible to be judged on every customer interaction. Anyway, when a rep on the phone gets to the “Anything else I can help you with?” part, I’ve started saying “No that’s everything. Thank you for being so pleasant and helpful.” Do comments like this give you an edge on your metrics? Because I’m starting to tell everyone what tough jobs you guys have and how being extra pleasant can literally effect someone’s livelihood. But I don’t want it to sound creepy either.

(Even if you tell me it doesn’t have any effect, I’m still going to say you’ve been helpful and pleasant, because no one at a call center has ever been rude or dismissive with me 😊)


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