Condescending jerk can’t get any more discounts


So this happened a few weeks ago.

A man calls into complain that he couldn’t apply two discounts to his order. He already placed the order and wants me to add the other discount.

When he first starts he launches into a long monologue about all the reasons he thought it could possibly be happening.

At the end I advised him of which of his hypothesis were correct.

He then gets mad because he clearly already knew that the reason he could not apply both was because they had exclusions keeping them from being stacked.

To which I responded I’m sorry I was just clarifying which one of the many reasons you walked through why it was happening. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Him: yes you can make it right and apply the other discount. Your website shouldn’t have advised me I could get a discount for opening another credit card if I couldn’t use it.

Me: sorry sir since it lists in both the coupon you had prior and the terms of the new one that they can’t be stacked and combined I can’t do that.

Him: well the website shouldn’t have shown me that if it couldn’t be added.

Me: (trying to placate him) I’m sorry our website is not sophisticated enough to do that.

Him: (feeling holier than tho) I have done programing its a simple if else statement.

Me ( internally: there is clearly a reason you aren’t programing and arguing about $20 because of else statements are regularly unreliable if the logic get accidentally tweaked and with the massive amount of coding in a website visited by millions a day for purchasing why depend on if else statements when we can literally just expect you to READ)

Me: Ahh I see. I will forward that concern to our programing team. But as you made me aware that you knew why your order wasn’t accepting two discounts prior to placing your order I can’t do additional discounts.

Him: goes into another monologue about the lack of customer service and how he is going to cancel his order and his credit cards with us if I don’t do something.

Me ( making the mistake of verbalizing) I’m not going to do anything

Him: what?

Me: (owning it) I’m not going to do anything.

Him: what’s your name and I’d

Me: Alexandria we don’t have IDs but if you want to submit feedback directly about me there is a survey after the call.

Him: fine and they are going to know I’m cancelling this order and my cards because of you.

Me: I understand and as you mentioned you want to cancel your cards thank you for calling I will transfer you now.

Him: noooo!

I then proceeded to email our lost prevention unit an email with subject line account for restriction review.

Lp will review the account to see if they regularly call in with random reasons for discounts and if they find him “guilty” he won’t be able to get discounts in the future. If they don’t nothing will happen.

But the fun part for me is everyone he calls in most of my colleges will see that email and will automatically deny him. Until the point where all his notes say denied return due to restrictions.

This is a fun trick I use for Ahole customer because regardless of Lost preventions verdict my colleagues are just the right amount of lazy to keep him from getting discounts for the rest of his life as a customer.

So far since that call he has called in 5 times each time not getting a discount and one person denied his return telling him he had to take a very very heavy item back into store for any possibly refunds.

Tldr: customer is an asshole over discount he can’t get and now he can’t do discounts or returns because of an email I sent to loss prevention.


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