Thieving, Thief. Or how to spend a decade in Club Fed


Back in the ancient times when the Sun and Moon were just getting to know each other in the heavens, there was this call center that employed a large variety and number of people from the surrounding hellscape that was the area.

Now some of these reps were as honest as can be, but this story wouldn’t exist if there hadn’t been a man in black. Said man in black happened to be a twenty something oddball, and appeared to come from a good family. His mother also worked in the center, and was loved by most if not all. If only the same could be said for the son. Now he was decently liked, but he did have a streak in him that caused him to make some decisions that weren’t so ethical or legal.

To be clear, it would be insane to try to do anything nefarious in this call center, as it was paperless and electronic deviceless. It was also a major contractor for a large Federal health program in the US. Pretty much anything you did wrong, could lead to instant federal charges. All of the above dissuaded most people from trying anything, but not our man in black.

Somehow, I never did find out how as this occurred many moons after I GTFO of the place, he managed to capture and export personal information for many different people. Now the smart thing to do would have been not to do such a thing, but he had already done that. The second smartest thing to do would have been not to use the information, but he couldn’t have that much information sitting around without making SOME type of profit off of it. He commenced to open many different credit accounts using the information, but using HIS address for the paperwork to be sent. Now it did not take too long for people to begin noticing credit accounts in a different state, and the investigators followed the paper trail right to his trailer door.

When all was done and done, he was facing hundreds of cases of identity theft for his troubles.


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