The Incredibles Movie


A while back I worked for a large health insurance company. As my skillset covered it I was a phone rep. I spent most of my career as a phone rep of some sort up to that point so I had basically seen it all and worked it all (appointment setting, debt collecting, financial services, tech support, and then Insurance support).

Throughout training we were told over and over again that we only tell people what they ask for and do not give them “un-needed information” as it confuses people. On one of the first calls taken just before training ended I had a customer on the phone trying to find out how to self-file their claim for a $30k medical bill. They asked questions and I answered. One question they didn’t ask is if there was a deadline to file this claim. Being that I am a reasonable human being and saw there was a deadline only 5 days away; I told them about it. *Quick background, In the health insurance world of the USA there is 1 and only 1 deadline that cannot be changed and the big companies WILL NOT bend (because they don’t have to) and that is called the “Timely Filing Deadline”. Essentially you have 120 (maybe 180) days from the date of service to file the claim or you are SOL.* The trainer then proceeds to berate me and tell me I messed up because they didn’t ask for that information and it was un-needed and confusing to the customer.

My response: *”How is knowing when the hard deadline to file un-needed?”*

Trainer: *”They didn’t ask for it so providing that confuses them”*

Me: *”The only thing they will be confused about is why their insurance company would purposely withhold information they need to get the claim approved”*

The trainer truly believed telling them the information would confuse people and that it was wrong to tell them. That is when I quit. Right there on the spot as there was no way I was going to be party to that scummy fraudulent BS.


I titled this the Incredibles Movie because I felt like Mr Incredible when he was giving people the secret way to get their claims approved. Anyone you talk to that is helpful and gives you that kind of information is likely going against corporate policy and acting like Mr Incredible.


What do you think?

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