Tale of the cell phone


Many years ago in another age and time, I worked at a call center that was probably just shy of being one of the levels of Hell.

At first the company was pretty easy about cell use. But then along came “Mandy.” Mandy was this young lady that really didn’t like working at the place, but she had a kid to support. One day she goes “Screw it,” and takes a photo of her computer screen at work. Said job was a contractor for a major healthcare provider in the US. From what I heard, the only thing that saved her from 10 years in a Federal country club was the fact that she did not have any customer information on her screen. Once it got out what she had done, she was terminated so quickly that the road runner would have been eating her dust.

Fall out was that cell phones were banned. In the building. Insta-term for even first offense once you were through the lobby doors. Luckily, she never tried to get rehired (for some reason she was listed as rehireable) as there were tons of people who wanted to have a nice long discussion with her.


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