Sweet old man didn’t realize we were talking on his cell phone.


CX called in to place an order.

Half way through this annoyingly long call and right at the end when making payment he decides he doesn’t want to pay over the phone because he doesn’t know if I am truly the company HE Called.

So I offer to send him a text link so he can view his cart and complete his payment. No biggie.

He gets the text message (I hear him get the text message)

He proceeds to tell me he has to go get his cell phone to view the text.

5 or so minutes later he comes back to his cell phone to tell me he can’t find it and we need another way.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him “Sir we are talking on your cell phone.”

So I just sent him the link to his email.

He probably will get a chuckle a couple hours from now when he realizes.


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