Love when anytime this happens…


It’s always a good feeling when your dealing with an extremely shitty customer and the following conversation goes as follows.

Them: Okay well that’s just not enough and I expect more I want to speak to you’re manager.

Me: I am sorry Sir/Miss but my manager will more than likely tell you the same information I am telling you.

Them: No I don’t care I want to speak to you’re manager anyway I know they can actually offer me something more reasonable in compensation than you! (Which means if I whine and scream at them I think I’ll get my way, which I won’t)

Me: Okay sure thing no problem they will be in contact with you within 48 – 72 hours. 💀😂


Me: I understand Sir/Miss but there is a way we have to go about things because the managers are very busy and have other callbacks with customers to make, I do apologise as this can be frustrating but you will have to wait 48 – 72 hours to speak to a manger if not sooner.

Them: No I don’t care anymore I want to cancel just bin the lot of it and tell your manager to ring me with my compensation!

Me: right okay I’ll transfer you to cancellations now. *Transfer*

It is so ridiculous when this happens it’s like they get themselves worked up about this idea that a manger can just teleport into a call and offer them more compensation which is not even rightly owed, it doesn’t make sense to me man because they end up cancelling there services over some stupid compensation problem that I could of compensated them the exact right amount but because they was entitled and thought they was “owed” more they requested to speak to a manager but because they can’t speak to them right away they have an absolute idiotic meltdown instead, I love it too because my manager will call them in 2 days and give them the same compensation that I was going to give them and because they have cancelled there services that’s literally all my manager has to do and can just hang up as soon as it’s done.

Love those calls it always shows me how fucking dumb the general public is and how rash people can be for no fucking reason at all.


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Don’t you just LOVE it when customers tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about at YOUR job?

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