Lasted six months


I started working from home for a big health insurance company, on their dental side, six months ago. Training was 12 weeks, I’ve been on the phones for a few months. When I started, we had our busy times, like during lunch hours, otherwise it was steady, averaging about 20-30 calls a day (Fridays were dead). I’m in benefits, so our calls are longer, usually. They involve explaining benefits, going over claims and pre-treatment estimates, that sort of thing. We also get a fair number of angry dental providers and members over denied claims or the lengthy claims process. For the last 3 weeks or so, since a new line of business dropped & they moved a giant chunk of agents over to there, it has been back to back calls every day, 60+, usually. My calls can be from 2 min to over an hour, depending on the request. And I am burning out, quickly, as in, today I had to take a half day for my sanity. I took this job because it was work from home, I needed work quickly because I am in grad school for public admin and have a tuition payment plan, I also have a 5 year old & a mortgage. Plus, we have one car & it would mean we wouldn’t need a second. But I am frantically looking elsewhere and I feel so shitty about it, being almost mid thirties, with a kid, and ‘job hopping’. This job is really shitty, now. I knew it wouldn’t be slow & steady forever, but I didn’t think it would be this bad, every single day. Those that can do these jobs long term are honestly some of the toughest MFers ever.


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