Just got suspended.


Soooo I just got suspend for one day because my “conference rate” was to high at 29% average against the company policy of 15%.

For background we were told in the past no direct transfer members but to “merge the call and drop off” which is conferencing the call. I work for a BPO and these methods were discovered by the the “client” and we were told no longer to do that and to keep our conference rate low.

I find this absurd I was suspended for such a dumb reason especially when we were taught to do this method to keep transfers low on the metric scale.

No write up no “coaching” I logged into work today and was told I was suspended for the day and to “take today off” and come back tomorrow.

This is some serious BPO BS and I told my a manger and the operation manager that because what if we need to fill in the other agent in so they know what’s up.

Their reasoning behind it was that “the client told us with those metrics conferencing rates we are paying 2 people to do one persons job” which makes no sense to me because of me and another agent are helping a customer doesn’t that mean we are cutting it in half???

Total BPO bs and I just don’t know how to feel maybe I should look for another job I been at this job for 1 1/2 years now


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