I am being super sassy with my customers today… I’m just not having it.


Today has not really been Fri-yay like I expect it to be every Friday knowing that I get two days off over the weekend. I have had account with customers give me attitude and because I’ve been working this position for two years and I get attitude for my customers and my partner I just can’t take it anymore..

So today I have had three colors so far that were just so unpleasant that I gave them the same unpleasantness back.

The first one was a guy that called and trying to set up auto pay. I told him I couldn’t do that he self services it on the website he told me he was locked out of the website so I responded with OK. I will need to get you over to the web team then. At this point he freaks out at me and goes well. I was trying to do over to you and now you have to transfer over to someone else. Why can’t you just help me? And I go because I’m not trained in it and it’s not part of my job description I’m customer service. The web team is made to support you on the website. he size and get you the money goes you know what fuck you I’ll do it myself.

Next caller is an old gentleman who had been lied to. He was told he was going to get a email statement sent to him. He never did he calls inside screaming at me. I apologize and say the previous agent must’ve had a mistake when she said that we don’t email them . And he said why would she lie to me I can’t believe she lied to me why is your company doing all of this stuff wrong? Why is it saying that I’m gonna collections all of this stuff and he’s yelling at me and I go well so I wasn’t on my phone calls so I don’t know why she would say something like that. I don’t have any idea of what she was doing. I wasn’t there as for the collections agency. Yes your mortgage is a debt. We are collecting that debt.

And number three I guy calls him saying that our app isn’t working so I tell him OK try going to the website and seeing if you can login there, she again says the app isn’t working and asked if we have a website that i want him to go to. And I go oh yes, I literally just told you to go to the website. Do you need me to tell you again? and he got really quiet…

Today I am just not in the mood to be dealing with these customers


What do you think?

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