Emails vs phone


Recently started a full time tech support WFH position about half a year ago and so far it’s had its ups and downs but recently I was told to start answering emails which takes me off the phone queue. The emails I get can range from following up with the customer for a reported issue or simply making notes on the email if theres no response necessary. I love this because I take my time reading and answering emails and most emails take 15-20 minutes to complete.

I still have metric tied to answering emails so I still need to be efficient but so far, it’s much better than taking phone calls. Wondering if anyone else has a similar structure of how their call center works (some agents on phone, others taking email, or maybe of mix?). Most of my emails I always take 15-20 minutes even if I can get it done faster, I just like to doublecheck everything and don’t really care about my stats too much. Do you prefer taking emails over phone calls?


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I am being super sassy with my customers today… I’m just not having it.