Don’t you just LOVE it when customers tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about at YOUR job?


So I work at a call center that partners with Florida Unemployment DEO and I get pissed off, moody, irritated callers EVERY day because they’re either mad that they have overpayments, their money didn’t process or some other issues are on their account that’s holding payment or whatever. So yesterday I had this man call in basically asking how come he can reapply for benefits since he’s STILL unemployed here’s how the convo went:

Me: *Says my greeting and name*

Him: Yeah I want to know how come I can’t apply for benefits? It’s not giving me the option on my account.

Me: Yeah I can definitely look into that for you! I need to verify some information on the account before we can proceed with the call

Him: *Verifies information*

So once he verified himself I placed him on hold to do research on the account, turns out he can’t reapply for unemployment until like June 18th because his active claim is currently exhausted (meaning that all the money that he was approved for was basically at a balance of $0 he claimed all of his benefits) so because his previous claim was exhausted he has to wait until his benefit year end date to submit another application

Me: Tells him what’s going on

Him: That’s bullshit I should be able to apply again I don’t have to wait until June you are lying

Me: Sir, once a claim is exhausted you can not reapply until it’s been a year since your last application unfortunately. You will not be eligible until June

Him: Can I speak to a supervisor??? You’re lying I should be able to apply after 3 months I want my money!

Me: Well that seems like I’ve assisted you with all you needed today thanks for calling! *hangs up* 🤷🏾‍♀️


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