Dinged on QA, Bonus reduced



Our bonus is pretty anaemic compared to any normal shop floor sales job, but it still stung as it was quite the surprise.

I ended up scoring pretty low on my QA. Why was it a surprise? Every customer interaction I have receives praise (from the customer) due to how well I answer the questions and resolve their query. So what was the issue? Apparently, my voice lacks ‘vibrancy.’ This meant I received a cut of 50% to the already pitiful amount.

My phone manner is very professional, systematic, and efficient. Friends who have heard me working at home have remarked that my service sounds excellent.

All of my previous experience is in very professional environments. We’d be told off for being foolish if we were hyped up 24/7.

So yeah. That’s what happened today. I suppose it’s further motivation to leave this kind of role in the dust and move onto something more sensible.


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