Abusive costumer got karma and a fine


One of our customers is a big important gentleman who drives a big important car. I know these things because he has told me so, quite condescending, on multiple occasions. He is so important he doesn’t have the time to call a “dumb helpdesk” when he is at his office. Instead he calls during his commute home.

Of course at that point he has no access to his computer (we sell software), he can’t give any concrete examples of *what* is wrong, *when* things happen or anything remotely helpful. But that’s okay because he doesn’t actually want to be helped, he just wants a verbal punching bag on his way home. We’re not allowed to hang up on clients, you see, so he gets 30mins to call us whatever he wants.

And he gets *really* into it. The more he gets into it, the more fired up he gets. The more fired up he gets, the faster he drives. I can *hear* him speeding.

Yesterday our call got abruptly interrupted by the beautiful sound of police sirens and the words “Crap, the cops!”


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