Xfinity representative helped me save hundreds of dollars


I just wanted to express gratitude for a stranger in a call center that helped me. If this isn’t allowed in this sub, apologies. It is a tale, but from the customer side.

I was having issues with internet connectivity. There was no outage reported and I had tried resetting the modem as recommended in the app. When that didn’t work I called Xfinity for help, the person on the line asked me to try again. I said I had already done so, but did do it again, leaving it unplugged for longer and lo and behold it worked.

I thanked her for her help, especially when it was something I could have solved on my own with a tad more patience, and then she told me that I was spending too much on internet! She helped me to switch to a plan that was cheaper and had significantly more bandwidth (6x!!!).

While this was a promotional deal, it is still valid for a bit. I had no idea this deal existed. This wonderful woman saved me hundreds of dollars over the course of the past year.


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