Why do customers expect us to treat them with respect when they can’t treat us with respect?


I am currently on a call still with a customer who is upset about his escrow accounts on one of his 30 accounts with us for this account because it has over $10,000 that’s needed for his escrow. He is a pissy that we need a 6k cushion. He was giving me an attitude, the whole call and yelling at me like it’s my fault, and like I have the permissions to change it as he’s yelling at me and my voice starts dropped octaves I’m not happy anymore you’re yelling at me why the fuck am I gonna pretend like I’m happy to deal with this shit?

He points out that I have an attitude, and that it’s not my money that is being taken without regard, to what should I respond with? I do apologize, but she feel like I have an attitude. I am doing what I can to assist you. I would change the account and the amount if I could, but I don’t have the correct permissions to do so I have explained to you company policy and what she can do to resolve this matter. you need to send a written complaint. All I can do is take a note saying that you complained about the escrow account on here. I can’t submit a formal complaint for you that have to be done online or through writing.

Well, he did not like that answer, and now he wants to speak to a supervisor, and I will fix the problem for him .

It’s with calls like these that I just place the customers on hold for a while before transferring them over because honestly I don’t feel like dealing with that shit


What do you think?

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