Welp. I didn’t really like the job, anyway.


So yeah, I’m probably gonna be fired tomorrow.

Had a call from a customer today, he asked for something, I gave him the answer, he proceeded to tell me my answer was all wrong and after a little back and forth he clarified and what he really wanted which was nothing at all like what he asked for. So I give him the answer and he says “See, that’ right, don’t know what you talking about.”

I was a bit annoyed at that point and hit the disconnect button since the call was over and proceeded to say “How the hell was I supposed to know that shit was what you wanted? Fucking idiot.”

Then, a second later:


I realize the call is still live. I hit disconnect and make damn sure it’s disconnected this time.

But the damage is done. If they happened to be monitoring that call or if he calls back then well, that’s the end of me.

My only hope is had the phone away from his ear, didn’t hear my words, just my voice and didn’t think anything of it so won’t call back and that they weren’t monitoring that call. But I’ve seen people fired on the spot for this very thing so I’m not feeling optimistic.

It paid okay but I didn’t really like the job and there was no real path out of the call center anyway so…whatever. I’m sure my old call center will take me back. At least that job had weekends off.


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I was fired for yelling at a customer.