Unhinged dude pisses off his insurance rep (LONG)


I work for a health flex account company. Sometimes, reps from insurance call centers will transfer a member over and stay on the line with them to make sure they’re taken care of. Not a problem.

Most of my callers are nice elderly people that have questions about their benefits. I absolutely love my job. Even when I get the occasional butthole, I take it as an opportunity to learn something I didn’t know.

Yesterday, a call came in from an insurance rep with a caller on the line. When I asked her to verify his address, she started to tell me the one she had on file. He started yelling, “NO NO NO! That’s my mom’s address. You guys keep sending my mail there and it is a violation of my privacy!”

He then goes on about how he did not receive his Cheerios (we have an online store that they can order from, which includes some grocery items). I apologized and told him I would send some more out. I go to look and tell him we had already requested his reshipment. He starts yelling that, “I SAW THE BLACK FEDEX DRIVER HAND IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!” I asked if he had called FedEx and reported that. His answer, “NO! They don’t care about me, because they’re black and they think they can beat me up.”

I’d gathered before this that he had a psychological disability. I am not downing him for that– I have one too and my educational background is in psychology. I just didn’t expect it to go this route.

His insurance rep said, “I don’t think we should make this about race.” I agreed with her. He said, “Well it’s black people!” Insurance rep disconnected, leaving me to deal with this guy by myself.

He asked why she hung up and I said, “I think you may have upset her with the racist comments. Have you talked to the police about your package?”

His response was heartbreaking. He said, “I have, but they aren’t even investigating this grand theft. Every time I call them, they take me to the hospital and tell me I’m crazy.” I felt terrible for him, racist comments and all. He was paranoid and that is hell on anyone.

He kept asking if he could call the insurance rep back and apologize. I told him he was welcome to call them back and ask. He then started crying and saying everything was going wrong for him and he was going to get kicked out. When I asked why he thought that, he said, “Because I’m not paying rent!”

I filled out another form and told him to call back in a few days to get his tracking number. I hope he gets his Cheerios. Sounds like life is hard enough for him.


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