The caller became self aware at 4:32 PM Pacific Time.


Call center for a public transportation agency.

Call comes in, guy is already screaming at the top of his lungs.

*Fun, another one,* I think and proceed to tune him out.

He screams and rants and yells, missed his bus, something something, we’ve ruined his life, he wants to complain and get people fired, the usual.

“You’ll have to speak with Customer Relations, they did leave at 4 PM.”

Argh, argh, scream, his life is over and it’s our fault, everything is ruined, gonna kill us all, etc, etc. (I’m not joking, he said his life was ruined and he’s going to kill us all. Actually hear this surprisingly commonly so I don’t think much of it.)

Since I can’t hang up on him and my talk time for the day is shot to hell anyway I’m scrolling instagram and letting him scream it out and finally he asks “There’s no one else I can complain to!?”

“No sir, just Customer Relations, they left at 4 PM, you can call back tomorrow after 8 AM.”

Silence. Then, “Maybe I should just call my therapist instead.”

End of call.

Good for you, dude. Good for you.


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Im averaging 450 calls a day