Starting work in a couple days


The intro of the story of the call Center ig✨
Hey uh so this is the only job I can get. The money seems good but I’m quite worried about the stories.

Uh I don’t know what to do I’m worried in a mental health way and ik I’m gonna have to be in that field for the 6 months.

Pls help how do I cope with it I’ve only worked hungry jacks before as a cook an all uh.

Edit: yeah personally my goal is to earn at least like $50k a year and have as much time for arts as possibly cause it’s the thing I like
But the economy kind of asses you over on earning money through it without burnout

Also I’m rlly hoping they don’t have an issue with my hair colour cause it’s important. If they did I’m going straight to the wig store skskdk


Don’t take it personally

Take advice from people

Let the call stay where it is

Have a reset button

Use it to get some stability in life

People are mad at the company mostly


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I just don’t understand why people think this is acceptable

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