My critical coaching today!


Big box retail call center person here. So today, I see an email that I have a critical coaching with my SUP this evening. I haven’t had a critical one in a long, long time and I’m thinking what the hell did I do. So I dread it all evening and then finally, here we go. During the whole meeting I had to do my very best to not roll my eyes, because I’m thinking what a bunch of BS this is, and this is ridiculous. My huge transgression, (cough). I forgot to say “this call may be recorded, blah, blah. This isn’t something that we normally have to say, unless we make an outbound call which is not that often, and yes I remember it then, but this call was an inbound, and the reason I was supposed to say it, was the customer brought her father into the call. It never was a thought that I needed to say it, when she brought him into the call, it just didn’t occur to me. For 20 minutes I got “coached” about this and I had to “commit” to making sure I say it in the future on those type of calls. No matter it was a one off, and I don’t ever recall any previous calls where the customer conferenced someone else in. And the icing on the cake is, if I forget it again, I will have it on my written record. Some of this call center BS is freaking nuts!

What is the most eye rolling ridiculous reason you faced a critical coaching on?


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