Mexican call centers are hideouts…


I am a Mexican working for more than 6 years in call centers in the north of Mexico at first I had just finished university and in Mexico it is difficult to get a job even with a degree, so I decided to move to the border and found call centers where I could get a job. The first few months, it seemed a little strange to me, as I began to see tattoos that had gang affiliations in the United States. People who had a perfect accent in English, which is complicated for native Mexicans. Throughout my stay we began to discover how several of my co-workers disappeared overnight and were found executed on the outskirts of the city, sometimes there was news that they were fugitives from the DEA. The most screwed up thing was that one of the supervisors, who was a charismatic guy, didn’t mess with anyone and had a high position, turned out to be a fugitive child molester from El Paso Tx… It has been difficult for me as I just want to earn a living. But the thought of running into a psychopath on the run is usually a constant worry every time I’m at the urinal with my back turned, because I’ve witnessed fights on occasions or even occasions where the police have had to pull out armed people.

When I confirmed that my assumptions were true, it was by talking to a good friend who was deported from California. He was badly drugged as he was speeding with his son next to him, causing a crash. Fortunately, he and his son escaped unharmed, but he was imprisoned and, being a Mexican with legal residence in the United States, he was given the option of serving his sentence or being deported to Mexico. He chose to be deported.


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