Manager favourites who are allowed more time off the phone


Some of my coworkers have my exact job role, but seem to get away with rarely being on the phone while everyone else is taking back to back calls. I asked one of them whether he was in a different role now, but he just said ‘I’m chill with my manager, so she just puts exceptions on my schedule to say I’m coaching other people’ (we don’t have the same manager, and he is not coaching anyone).

I just find it so odd and insulting to the rest of us that a manager can get away with blatantly allowing one person hours off the phone just because she gets along with him. I know I sound bitter and I am, but it’s towards her and the job, not so much him.

I’ve applied for a new role and if I get rejected I feel like I’m going to have a mental breakdown. Just trying to keep my head above water until I get out.


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