Job is making me depressed


I work at an ER billing call center for the hospital. I take payments and insurance information. I thought i was going to get the patient advocate postion here, but got this one instead.

I dont mind that its a call center job, i dont even mind customers getting upset (doesnt happen often with me).

I just cant take money from the most vulnerable people while listening to them cry/yell because they already couldnt afford to feed themselves.

I feel like im worse than a thief.

I just wanted to help people, and now i feel like im part of the problem. Im one of the “Bad guys”. Its making me severely depressed.

I do everything i can to help these people, and a lot of my callers thank me tremendously. But it just goes in one ear and out the other. It doesnt matter to me. How can i feel good about helping anyone? It just gets canceled out. For every person i help, theres someone else whose kids are going hungry because their mom called me today.

I cant take these peoples money no more.


What do you think?

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