It literally is not my fault you almost killed someone.


I have done tech support for the medical field for over ten years now, and the main thing that I have learned in that time is that Medical staff think that they personally know what is best.

This is back when I did computer support call center for a pharmacy software company. I got threatened by a pharmacist once because the patient could not have penicillin, deadly reaction to the stuff. The pharmacist did not check the warning box on the computer that turns the border of the charts Red so that they know not to give penicillin because he didn’t think it was necessary. Gave the patient a medication that had penicillin in it even though at the top of the file is said in all caps “DO NOT GIVE PT PENICILLIN!” Patient goes into a coma, gets serious, they track down the reason to the pharmacist. Know what the Pharmacist said? “It’s tech support’s fault. Their software is faulty!” and when he talked to me, told me that it was my fault the patient almost died and if he did I was going to be charged with manslaughter. Come to find out that was what the patient’s lawyer was threatening the pharmacy with.

Yeah, good luck getting that to stick in a court of law.


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