Im averaging 450 calls a day


Im not in a typical call center job. I do get commission and a base salary. But recently a lot of ways we earn commission has been taken away. I digress.

I’ve been at the company for 2.4 years and have been a top performer but every 6 months the job gets worse and worse.
I’ve made around 173,000 calls since I’ve started working there.

I make an average of 450 calls a day and we are expected to meet 34 minutes on the phone every hour for 8 hours a day. And if not after 3 pay periods we are terminated no matter how good we are at the job or how much money we have made them.

This goes Along with many other micromanagement performance standards we have to meet that they actively keep track of every hour.

My question is. How many calls are you guys taking/ making a day? And does my job sound normal


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