I was fired for yelling at a customer.


Hi this is a first timer here but a few days ago I worked for one of those many companies that hire out contractors to different companies for their call center needs. I spent the first year and a half under a contract that I unfortunately cannot elaborate on due to nda, all i will say was that it had to do with a certain plague. Recently, however, with that winding down I was moved to a contract with a cellphone company, it was mixed bag, I enjoyed troubleshooting the devices and network issues, but I despised trying to be the person who tells you you made yourself broke by being ill-informed about the contract you put yourself under.

The day of the incident was someone calling in about a payment and a reference number linked to it. Since I lacked the experience on using a reference number I reached out to our people above us and they told me that reference numbers are not used for anything, and that led me into a back and forth with that customer, and when she called the whole thing shitty I snapped at her. I unfortunately do not remember what’ i said, but the person was given the correct information about the reference number eventually but it didn’t change the fact that the call was reviewed and my tl immediately booted me out for the day and said the next day that I was booted from the contract, and since they didn’t have another contract at the time to move me to, I was fired from the company.

I won’t pretend there wasn’t a failure on my part but at the same time I’m angry that I was fed the incorrect information that led me down the spiral. But along the lines of that my friend had told me that they’ve been noticing my mental health decline ever since I started this contract, and that it’s probably for the best in the long run that I got fired now since I was never going to quit. I want to be optimistic but right now I’m just exhausted. I hope i can find me a job in walking distance because after 2, almost 3 years of working from home I think a few months working elsewhere might do me some good…


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Welp. I didn’t really like the job, anyway.

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