I might have found ahole CX weakness.


Today I had a customer call in and he got seriously mad about having to know his policy number.

Who knew you would need your policy number to get anything through your insurance nonetheless roadside assistance. But whatever I looked it up for him after pulling several teeth to get needed infor.

Then got mad that he had an out of pocket expense because surprise surprise. Roadside assistance isn’t a magical free transport your vehicle anywhere and everywhere service. It’s to help you get to a nearby mechanic shop when you are otherwise stuck on the side of the road.

He wanted to go cross state to a new state because he wasn’t at home and was traveling back in his car.

Out of pocket was ridiculous btw.

Of course I can only offer him what the system says or to find a closer location to get his car fixed.

That’s a no go for him of course so next thing he starts doing is screaming and cursing at me.

And I don’t know why but I just started to cry.

He immediately calmed down and started apologizing. He said he would call back once he figures out what he wants to do. He apologized again for taking his frustration on me and we ended the call.

I’m not normally a cryer but I’ll be damned if I don’t start using that for callers to realize IM A HUMAN TOO.


What do you think?

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