I May Be The Reason For More Training


This is my first post. Hello. I didn’t think I’d have something to talk about here but today has changed that.

I work for a third party data analysis company and work on a project for a big client. This job has become a call center job.

Today I called one of the customers and introduced myself and mentioned his business. He immediately started hitting on me and did it in his best Matthew McConaughey impression.

He called me baby, baby girl, etc. and was being very over the top. I tried to keep going with my kind of script and he kept putting more into it.

Now we may have training on what to do in these situations. Some people at my job will be happy that we are getting this training and some are going to be mad. But we didn’t get training on how to deal with this kind of thing.

Any advice on what to do in the future that won’t get me dinged with Quality gets bonus points because I had no idea what to do


What do you think?

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