I just don’t understand why people think this is acceptable


I work emergency roadside assistance (ERS) as a dispatcher. Just FYI we call tow companies “garages”.

So, one of the benefits we offer is battery installation (if available in your area). Well protocol if a member wants to buy a battery is to test the old battery first to make sure it actually needs to be replaced so that the mbr isn’t wasting money.

Well we had this call today. Member didn’t speak very good English so I don’t think she was understanding the driver when he was trying to explain why he was gonna test the battery first instead of just replacing it right away.

Well our driver gets on location and walks up to the members car with the tester, only for the member to start swinging at him and hitting him. The driver had to run back to his truck to get away from her. So now the garage is understandably, refusing to service her. Yet this member is trying to still get service and demanding a different company.

I just don’t understand why people think stuff like this is okay. If she was really that adamant about replacing the battery without testing, we would have done so as long as she wasn’t trying to have it replaced under the warranty. The driver was just under the impression she didn’t understand that he was trying to help ensure she didn’t waste money on something that wouldn’t fix her issue cause she was adamant that it needed replaced because a jump didn’t work.

A lot of members aren’t aware that a failed jump could mean more than just the battery being bad so its not uncommon for members to insist the battery needs replaced only to find out that it was the alternator or something that was really the problem.

Testing the battery cost NOTHING to the members so it wouldn’t matter if he tested it and it did need replaced like member said. I’m not sure if the member knew rhat or not but regardless, that still does not make it okay to physically assault the driver!

It never ceases to amaze me at how many people think assaulting someone or just threatening to harm someone, over stupid shit like this, is acceptable. Cause of course they always act shocked that we’re denying service as a result of their threats/actions.

I swear they feel that because they pay for our services, it makes us legally obligated to service them no matter what they’ve said or done.

ETA – I forgot to mention that she has since called the garage screaming that she was gonna take them and us to court. For what exactly, I have no clue


What do you think?

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