I can’t take this anymore!!


I work in a mortgage call center for a large mortgage company. I take calls for prime lending, Citi, uwm, Alaska financial etc you get it I take 8 hours of back to back calls one call drops the next one comes in immediately, no time to notate the account. Anyway. I’ve been doing this for two years and they are cracking down on the amount of supervisor calls we have, the time we are on the phones, anything over 6 minutes needs to be reported to management, you’re dinged if you take too many restroom breaks etc….

To make it worse people are entitled… they feel they deserve everything and they deserve it now. They can’t fathom why their payment increases or why it’s taking so long for work on their account to be completed, “I am very important and I need this done now or I will whine and call you names.” I’ve been cursed at, told I’m horrible at my job, and talked down to like I’m an idiot.. I can’t take the abuse anymore….

I’m literally just using this job to help me pay for my masters program…. Once I complete that and take my counselors test I’m done…. I just can’t take this anymore. I can’t quit since I need the money, but I also can’t enjoy life either. It’s so stressful and exhausting. I feel like I’m drowning and I dread going to work every fucking day….

this job is making me reach my breaking point, my life at home is deteriorating because I have no energy to do laundry or dishes or even cook after working 8+ hours back to back because they are also forcing mandatory overtime since they can’t get through the queue before my shift ends at 5 in the afternoon.

I want to change my name and novel out of the country…. I need help… please how do you cope?


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Customers never realise that you are only there to inform and help them, not change the rules for them…

Idc if you’re senile, you’re still rude.