Don’t want a female tech for support? I can help with that.


In my younger years I did tech support for a cable company. The senior reps would get time off the phones to walk around and provide support to other reps. One night I was on support when I was flagged down by another senior agent “Leslie”. When I asked what was going on she let me know that the customer wanted a man to troubleshoot with because “a woman obviously couldn’t understand something this complicated.”
This was in the early 2000’s when HD was becoming a big deal and we had recently released our 2nd set top box capable of HD. There were only 8 channels with HD programs but it was still a big deal.
I took the phone from Leslie and the customer proceeded to explain how the technology was to complicated for a woman to understand and he was glad he had a man on the line finally.
I let him know that this technology was still new and definitely complicated but luckily some of the senior agents were actually involved in the testing and development of the troubleshooting we used so if I didn’t have the answers I had people around me who would.
The customer was greatly relieved and explained his issue to which I replied “ ok give me a moment to look into this…..Hey Leslie, the guy says his box is doing **this** what should I ask him to do first?”


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