cried at work cuz i kept getting difficult costumers who were yelling and making offensive comments :,)


(EDIT!! I meant customers not costumers big difference and i didn’t even saw it til someone mentioned it so super thank you for that!! ) I recently started a new job and it’s been okay to tolerable so far until today. I don’t know what kind of universal jinx happened after i had a meeting with my supervisor and him telling me my statistics are in the top 3 in our group i got really happy!! After that, I kept getting super difficult costumers that ranged from anything to threats, getting screamed at within 50 seconds, insults, sexist and racist comments over my accent. By the end of the day 25 minutes to my shift ending i just started sobbing. Has anyone else had a similar experience working as a costumer service agent :,)?

(sorry for the bad format and grammatical errors)


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